Monday April 24, 2017, 7:00pm – Federal Task Force, Dr. Kay Kirkpatrick, SD32 runoff candidate

Our next 4th Monday meeting will be April 24, from 7:00-9:00pm.

***NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE: Cobb County Republican Headquarters

799 Roswell St NE, Marietta, GA 30060

The Cobb County GOP is renting us their headquarters for a very reasonable price. We’re going to see how this works, since the House of Lu has begun to charge a rental fee for their space.

In case there is any question, Georgia Tea Party is still an independent organization, and nothing has changed in that regard. We used the same Cobb GOP headquarters several years ago for a number of meetings and rented the space.


  1. Candidate for Georgia Senate District 32, Dr. Kay Kirkpatrick, will stop by and give us a short update on her campaign. Of course, this is not a federal office, but it is a key race in our area and we want to stay up with this State Senate Special Election. Keep in mind that the Senate District 32 runoff is on May 16, which is a different date than the 6th Congressional District runoff, which is June 20. Another note: Dr. Kay is very interested in health care policy, which has both federal and state components. This will be a key race to watch.
  2. There are several Republican National Committee field personnel who are in Georgia to help with Karen Handel’s campaign for Congress. One of them will be on hand to give us an update about the Handel campaign.
  3. Sometime Monday, I will be receiving an update from Congressman Loudermilk’s office about progress on the repeal and replace health care bill. I’ll share the update with everyone and we can discuss.
  4. Finally, if time permits, we may play a video from the Heritage Foundation.


To get on Federal Task Force list, contact Jim Jess or Ronny West We meet at 799 Roswell Street N.E. Marietta. (Cobb County GOP HQ Building) This is our usual 4th Monday meeting. 

  • Georgia Tea Party Inc. does not endorse or oppose candidates or parties. Individual volunteers are free to do so.  Public officials are not invited to speak at Thursday Volunteer Meetings. They are welcome to attend as citizens. Public officials and candidates are invited to speak at Monday Task Force Meetings. Task Force Meetings are designed to be a two-way dialogue with public officials and candidates, carried out in a civil and professional manner. At any Georgia Tea Party Inc. event, we always treat our guests with courtesy and respect.

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