Federal Task Force November 27, 2017 – Martin Cowen and K. Ross Newland, Candidates for Congressional District 13

Georgia Tea Party’s Federal Task Force features two candidates for the 13th Congressional District seat: Libertarian Martin Cowen and Republican K. Ross Newland Guest Speaker:

Martin Cowen,

Mr. Cowen is a Libertarian candidate for United States House of Representatives, Georgia District Thirteen. Georgia’s Thirteenth Congressional District contains parts of Clayton, Cobb, Fayette, Fulton, and Henry counties and all of Douglas County.

He is pro-veteran (anti-war), pro-personal freedom (anti-surveillance state), pro-private property (anti-tax, anti-deficit spending, anti-debt), and pro-free market (anti-socialist, anti-interventionist).

· Married 35 years, two boys ages 19 and 15. Nineteen year old son is severely autistic and totally
disabled. Martin is the stay-at-home dad.


· Graduated UGA 1972 Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics
· Graduated UGA Law 1975 Juris Doctor Degree, admitted to practice law June 13, 1975

Work History
· Summer 1973 student law clerk for Jonesboro Attorney Chuck Driebe
· 1975-1976 attorney law clerk for Justice William B. Gunter, Supreme Court of Georgia
· Opened law office at 7316 Hwy 85, Riverdale, GA in June 1976
· Ran for Solicitor of the State Court of Clayton County, GA in 1988.
· Served by appointment as Associate Judge of the Probate Court of Clayton County until
retirement December 2015

· Board of Governors of the State Bar of Georgia
· Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
· Lifetime member National Rifle Association
· American Civil Liberties Union
· Libertarian Party (national)
· Libertarian Party of Georgia

Author of Two Books
· Fellowship of Reason: A Moral Community for the 21st Century (2001)
· Fabian Libertarianism: 100 Years to Freedom (2016)

K. Ross Newland

Ross Newland is a Republican candidate for the 13th District seat.

Born and raised in Michigan he is the youngest of 6, Ross was the runt in his school. Still, he played football in his sophomore year.  Most of his teenage time was spent working on a corporate farm called Hilltop Orchards where he learned a work ethic.

After high school , Ross joined the U.S. Navy where he became a Missile Technician in the submarine fleet where he became considered the most experienced Missile Tech in the fleet..

Ross received an honorable discharge.  His service record includes 2 good conduct ribbons, a military service ribbon, a battle efficiency ribbon with 3 Es, one Navy Unit Citation ribbon, dolphins (submarine qualified) a patrol pin with 4 stars, and numerous commendations and citations for leadership as the senior missile tech on the Key and as the Deck Division LPO.

After the service repaired submarines at the Charleston Naval Shipyard until it closed. Additionally, he began acting and modeling where he soon appeared in numerous TV commercials and movies.

He then started the Kross Talent Agency in Charleston and went to work helping people chase dreams. After his employment at the shipyard ended and before his agency could really get going, Hurricane Hugo blew into Charleston destroying the industry needed to support his business. Struggling along for a couple of years he eventually lost it all, including  his house and a new truck.

Staring homeless and jobless in the face, he reached out to a man whom he knew through the theater. He moved in to a house with a black, homosexual male with whom he would be good friends, and who would ultimately lead Ross to find JESUS. From this relationship came baptism, license to preach, and eventual ordination and a number of pastor positions helping dying churches come to life.

However, before the pastor positions came along, there was a few years of striving as the quintessential overcapitalized entrepreneur. Eventually, Ross would spend a couple years homeless and living in a warehouse in North Charleston, SC.

Minister Newland built his first Christian Youth Center, called PS150, in that warehouse. An 11,000 sq ft. Skateboard park and concert venue. He also ran for mayor of North Charleston while living homeless.

Ross is  the founder of the Christian Ministry “Bless God America” and is the author of the book, “If My People…The Saving of America”.

Ross Newland has done many things in his life. He has been a photographer, entrepreneur, fitness instructor, mechanic, carpenter, plumber, electrician, jack of all trades kinda guy. He was even an assistant golf pro at Stone Mountain golf course in Stone Mountain State park, Stone Mountain GA.  After passing his playing ability test and entering the apprentice program for PGA professionals.

He has lived in New York, Michigan, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, and Illinois and chose to return to Georgia after he finished with his position revitalizing a church in Rockford, IL.

Ross is now working as the associate pastor of the church his pastor from Charleston is presiding over in the Atlanta area. Ross has also spent most of his Christian life serving in black churches and is the only white guy in the church where he now serves.

Ross also gives an occasional golf lesson and still uses his many skills to help people who can’t afford to pay someone for work around the house.

 We meet at 799 Roswell Street, Marietta (Cobb County GOP HQ – 2 blocks west of the Big Chicken).

We begin at 7:00pm.

Please RSVP Ronny West or Jim Jess

To be on the Federal Task Force invitation list, contact: Ronny West or Jim Jess

  • Georgia Tea Party Inc. does not endorse or oppose candidates or parties. Individual volunteers are free to do so.  Public officials are not invited to speak at Thursday Volunteer Meetings. They are welcome to attend as citizens. Public officials and candidates are invited to speak at Monday Task Force Meetings. Task Force Meetings are designed to be a two-way dialogue with public officials and candidates, carried out in a civil and professional manner. At any Georgia Tea Party Inc. event, we always treat our guests with courtesy and respect.


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