Monday, March 27 & April 10, 2017, 7:00pm – Federal Task Force, Congressional District 6 candidates

Our next meeting of the Federal Task Force will be March 27, 2017.  Our speakers will be US Congressional District 6 candidates – specifics to be announced. 

Our speaker will be John Watson, candidate for Georgia Republican Party Chair.

Active in Republican politics since high school as a campaign volunteer and intern, John began his political career as Finance Director for Bob Barr for Congress in 1994.  A stint as District Representative for GA’s 7th Congressional District led to Watson being recruited by GAGOP Chairman Rusty Paul to be Finance Director for the GAGOP from 1995-1997.  After installing an integrated fundraising apparatus at the Party, John was hired by then GA Attorney General, Mike Bowers, to manage Mike’s 1998 campaign for Governor. 

In 2001, John became chief political consultant to the man who would become Georgia’s first Republican Governor in 135 years, Sonny Perdue, and would later become the Governor’s Chief of Staff.  Serving in that capacity, he was responsible for overseeing combined campaign and State Party operations that raised millions of dollars, organized efforts in all 159 counties of Georgia and would win re-election for Governor Perdue in a landslide.

Over the years, John has participated and advised campaigns throughout Georgia and with the GAGOP in numerous Victory fundraising efforts including serving as Georgia Republican Foundation Chairman under Chairman Ralph Reed prior to becoming Chief of Staff for Governor Perdue.

Most recently, Watson was Campaign Co-Chair for David Perdue for US Senate.


John Watson


Our 2nd Monday meeting  (courtesy of JudiCon) will be April 10. 

Our speaker will be Kurt Wilson, candidate for the Congressional District 6 position. 

An ordinary family man, Kurt Wilson lives the American Dream. From his earliest days as a young boy, enduring 12 moves before the 4th grade from Indiana to West Virginia to Alabama, Kurt’s perspective is shaped and his character instilled by unexpected, chance people and a super natural God.


As a young man in Alabama, Kurt Wilson was introduced to Church, developed a skill for amateur boxing, a State Runner Up in his weight class, and enlisted in the United States Army where he earned the Soldier of the Year accolade. It was in this season Kurt became a student of people, of theology and of government.


Kurt Wilson began his professional journey in the world of big business. An instinctive and gifted sales person, Kurt’s ability to connect with all walks of people alongside an unmatched work ethic helped him excel into leadership roles inside the big business of corporate America. The success he attained in corporate structures, the result of discipline and hard work inspired him towards entrepreneurship.

Kurt Wilson


A bold risk taker, Kurt left the comfort success Corporate America afforded he and his family to build small businesses. As a job creator, mentor and leader, Kurt Wilson has achieved the American Dream through successful businesses and the resulting relationships with employees, business partners, peer entrepreneurs, corporate executives and friends. He enjoys a rich family life with his wife and four daughters who each keep him grounded and in check in their own way.

Kurt Wilson believes in an exceptional America. He believes in an exceptional Georgia, the state he proudly calls home. Most importantly, Kurt Wilson believes in the exceptional American individual. Realizing the shortcomings and disappoints of the Federal Government, both its elected officials and its bureaucracy, how it throttles the exceptionalism so deserved of all people, Kurt is resolved to bring about solution oriented, principle based change that benefits all Americans.


Due to Rep. Tom Price being confirmed for Secretary of Health and Human Services, there is an opening for his District 6 US House seat. There are several candidates vying for that open seat, and we hope to interview them all.

We will attempt to schedule two candidates per evening. The Special Election is scheduled for April 18. Stay tuned to our weekly email and to our website, for updated scheduled meetings.


To get on Federal Task Force list, contact Jim Jess or Ronny West We meet at the House of Lu Restaurant just north of Marietta Square on Cherokee Street. This is our usual 4th Monday meeting. 

  • Georgia Tea Party Inc. does not endorse or oppose candidates or parties. Individual volunteers are free to do so.  Public officials are not invited to speak at Thursday Volunteer Meetings. They are welcome to attend as citizens. Public officials and candidates are invited to speak at Monday Task Force Meetings. Task Force Meetings are designed to be a two-way dialogue with public officials and candidates, carried out in a civil and professional manner. At any Georgia Tea Party Inc. event, we always treat our guests with courtesy and respect.

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