News & Views – Degrees of Separation When President Trump declared, “I love the poorly educated”

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When President Trump declared, “I love the poorly educated,” the highly educated could only cackle. Despite (or perhaps because of) their credentials, they couldn’t see that their derision was…

David Cannadine’s Victorious Century covers Britain’s colonial era from the absorption of Ireland to the start of the empire’s…

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From the beginning of our history, there have been many people such as Nathaniel Bacon, Tomas Jefferson, James Madison, President John Tyler, John Calhoun, John Taylor of Caroline and the Richmond junto who have championed the idea of nullification. Today, we look back through time and wonder how we can follow in the footsteps of those people even with this monstrous national government that’s grown exponentially since constitutional debates of 1787. Read more of this post

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Whenever the words “common sense” come out of a Democrat’s pie hole, caveat emptor.

They’re pushing for legislation that has failed in the past, but their “moral authority” is not to be questioned.

Leftists want to restrict the entire conversation to gun control. But their destruction of culture is the culprit.

Leftists continue their hostile denial that Christian morals have anything to do with solving “gun violence.”

“My home is in Heaven,” said the Rev. Graham with regularity. “I’m just traveling through this world.”

Accuracy In Media

Billy Graham, America’s pastor, died Wednesday at age 99. Many mainstream media outlets took care to point out Graham had made statements about being uncomfortable with Jews and gays but otherwise treated the death of a man who is said to have led millions of people to Jesus with respect. But there were a few […]