Constitution 101, Part V – The Progressive Assault on the Constitution

The Franklin Round Table Seminar, Session V

Hillsdale College’s Constitution 101

Lecture 8 – The Progressive Assault on the Constitution

– Ronald J. Pestritto, Dean of the Van Andel Graduate School of Statesmanship, Hillsdale College

  • How Progressives undermined constitutional government at the national and state levels
  • How Progressives redefined the Presidency
  • Theodore Roosevelt’s “Stewardship Theory” of government
  • Woodrow Wilson’s idea to separate politics and administration
  • How Progressives ignored the enumerated powers in the Constitution and expanded the role of government

When: Saturday, May 19  9:30 a.m. – 12:00 There is a short break after the first hour.

Where: 799 Roswell Street Marietta – 2 blocks west of the Big Chicken

Coffee and donuts provided.

There is no fee, but donations are greatly appreciated.

There is  plenty of discussion time as well as illustrations of how to implement what we learn.

While we encourage everyone to attend every session, there is no requirement to attend them all. Come whenever you can make it.

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To enhance the value of the program, you may wish to use Hillsdale College’s on-line Constitution Reader.