Future Speakers (Georgia Tea Party sponsored).

Thu. March 16 – Mike Lowry, Effective Transportation Solutions for Metro Atlanta – 1st hour

                               Georgia Tea Party Chair J. D. Van Brink, The Simple Tax – 2nd hour

Thu. March 23 – Former State Senator Chip Rogers, Education Reform

Thu. March 30 – Georgia Tea Party Vice Chair Jim Jess, The Pursuit of Virtue and The Ethics of Ben Franklin

Thu. April 6 – Bill Byrne, former Cobb County Commission Chair

Thu. April 13 – Kimberly Hermann, Southeastern Legal Foundation




Other Opportunities (Not Sponsored by Georgia Tea Party)

Americans For Prosperity invites you to join them in grassroots activism, through weekly Phone Banking and National Days of Action.


1.)    Every Tuesday (11am-2pm) and Thursday (3pm-5pm) – We will be calling about the Supreme Court Justice Nomination

As you may have heard, AFP’s policy team has conducted extensive research on Judge Gorsuch’s judicial record and has decided to publicly support and encourage his nomination.  We believe that confirming Gorsuch will put a justice on the bench in the same vein as the late Antonin Scalia and someone who will defend the individual freedoms of all Americans.  Judge Gorsuch has a history of making judgements based on the strict adherence to an originalist interpretation of the Constitution – not his own political whims.


Right now, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has indicated that he intends to lead Senate Democrats in blocking the nomination and leave the seat open indefinitely. That’s why our engagement is so important. We will be calling into states where Senators are wavering, encouraging constituents to put grassroots pressure on their Senators to confirm Gorsuch’s nomination.


2.)    Saturday, March 18th (10am-5pm)  – National Day of Action

Americans for Prosperity is a people-powered movement fighting EVERY.SINGLE.DAY for the American Dream. And our activists (volunteers) from around the country are crushing it! In 2016, we surpassed more than 37.6 million citizen contact attempts via phone calls and door-knocking. If you’re not familiar with our efforts, you can read more about the impact we made in 2016 here:

Our topic for our March 18th Day of Action has not been announced yet, but we will be joining with other volunteers from around the country in making phone calls to hold our elected officials accountable. I will be at the Marietta office from 10am-5pm, and would love to have you stop by as your schedule allows. Lunch and snacks will be provided.


Questions: Call Candace Carroll at (404) 360-1671



What:  Trump United for America Rally

Where:  Georgia State Capitol – Liberty Plaza

When: Wednesday, March 29th, 12:00pm–3:00pm 

Organized by Lucretia Hughes, 404-422-2558 (Lanier Tea Party President) 

Georgia Tea Party Board member Jim Jess and Volunteer Marc Urbach will be speaking at this event. 


Throughout 2017, Americans For Prosperity will be hosting FREE monthly Insight to Action Forums at our Marietta office.

If you’re not familiar with our Insight to Action Forums, they are designed by the Grassroots Leadership Academy at our sister-organization (Americans for Prosperity Foundation) and they serve as a state-of-the-art training program for concerned citizens (like yourself!) who want to make a difference at the federal, state and local levels.  Our education programs will build the leadership skills you need to fight for freedom and against the progressive policies and false narratives of the left.

Our dates, titles, brief description and registration links for the March and April forums are below.  Dinner will b

Tuesday, April 4th (7:30pm-9:30pm)Breaking the Camel’s Back: The Cloward Piven Strategy In 1966, two socialist professors laid out a plan for a “crisis strategy” to overwhelm government budgets with entitlement spending. Fifty years later, is this strategy being employed

Wednesday, May 10th (7:00pm-9:30pm)  – A Night with Saul (Alinsky) Participants will watch and discuss the documentary “Saul Alinsky Went to War” and its impact on community organizing.  By studying Alinsky, attendees will further understand tactics of the Left. 

These events will take place at our Marietta Field Office (3850 Canton Road Suite 114 Marietta, GA 30068).

Feel free to invite friends!   Questions: Call Candace Carroll at (404) 360-1671

Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) is hosting FEEcon2017 in Atlanta June 15-17. FEEcon is 2017’s premier gathering of freedom lovers from all walks of life and professional networking opportunities, inspiring panel discussions, and educational fun for everyone.  All are welcome to Register and Attend. 

Tuesday April 18 – US Congressional District 6 and GA Senate District 32 Special Elections

Tuesday May 16 – GA Senate District 32 Runoff (if necessary)

Tuesday June 20 – US Congressional District 6 Runoff (if necessary)

  • Georgia Tea Party Inc. does not endorse or oppose candidates or parties. Individual volunteers are free to do so.  Public officials are not invited to speak at Thursday Volunteer Meetings. They are welcome to attend as citizens. Public officials and candidates are invited to speak at Monday Task Force Meetings. Task Force Meetings are designed to be a two-way dialogue with public officials and candidates, carried out in a civil and professional manner. At any Georgia Tea Party Inc. event, we always treat our guests with courtesy and respect.