Future Speakers (Georgia Tea Party sponsored).

Thu. Feb. 23 – Jason Riddle, Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), Reaching Today’s Youth with the Free Market Message

Thu. March 2 – Open Discussion, any Political issues you want to discuss

Thu. March 9 – Citizenship Quiz, If you had to take a Test to keep your US Citizenship, would you pass? 

Thu. March 16 – Mike Lowry, Effective Transportation Solutions for Metro Atlanta – 1st hour

                               Georgia Tea Party Chair J. D. Van Brink, The Simple Tax – 2nd hour

Thu. March 23 – Former State Senator Chip Rogers, Education Reform

Thu. March 30 – Georgia Tea Party Vice Chair Jim Jess, The Pursuit of Virtue and The Ethics of Ben Franklin




Other Opportunities (Not Sponsored by Georgia Tea Party)

Throughout 2017, Americans For Prosperity will be hosting FREE monthly Insight to Action Forums at our Marietta office.

If you’re not familiar with our Insight to Action Forums, they are designed by the Grassroots Leadership Academy at our sister-organization (Americans for Prosperity Foundation) and they serve as a state-of-the-art training program for concerned citizens (like yourself!) who want to make a difference at the federal, state and local levels.  Our education programs will build the leadership skills you need to fight for freedom and against the progressive policies and false narratives of the left.

Our dates, titles, brief description and registration links for the March and April forums are below.  Dinner will be provided each night.

Tuesday, March 7th (7:30pm-9:30pm)Righteous Indignation: Breitbart’s Rules for Fighting the Culture War Participants have the opportunity to explore the life, times and impact of the policies and politics of Andrew Breitbart, and discuss lessons conservative activists can take away from his work.

Tuesday, April 4th (7:30pm-9:30pm)Breaking the Camel’s Back: The Cloward Piven Strategy In 1966, two socialist professors laid out a plan for a “crisis strategy” to overwhelm government budgets with entitlement spending. Fifty years later, is this strategy being employed

These events will take place at our Marietta Field Office (3850 Canton Road Suite 114 Marietta, GA 30068).

Feel free to invite friends!   Questions: Call Candace Carroll at (404) 360-1671


For the first time in Americans For Prosperity’s history, we are asking you to put grassroots pressure on Senators to confirm a Supreme Court nominee. AFP Activists working with Concerned Veterans of America will be on the phone and at doors getting people to contact their Senators. We will run ads, and organize town halls and grassroots events urging Senators to make this critical decision for the future of freedom in our country.

It is only because of your generosity and volunteerism that we can engage on long-term fights like this. Please consider signing up to volunteer with us, as we make calls on this vital nomination. Our February Days of Action (as well as weekday time blocks) are below. We’d absolutely love to have you join us in this SCOTUS fight for any of these days/times that best fit your schedule.

February Days of Action:

Weekly Call Blocks:

Thursday – February 23rd at our Marietta office from 4pm-7pm

Tuesday – February 28th at our Marietta office from 11am-2pm

We will have food provided during all of these volunteer opportunities!

Questions? Call Candace Carroll at (404) 360-1671.


Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s Grassroots Leadership Academy is a state-of-the-art training program for concerned citizens who want to make a difference at the federal, state, and local level.  Our education programs will build the leadership skills you need to fight for freedom and against the progressive policies and false narratives of the left.  Within these trainings, you’ll learn the basics of: 1.) The benefits of a free society, 2.) How the left operates, 3.) Social media best practices, 4.) Working with legislators and 5.) Mobilizing supporters.

We will be offering a free 6-week Level 1 Grassroots Activist Certification class at our Marietta office beginning on Thursday, March 2nd and concluding on Thursday, April 6th. By attending these 6 classes over a six-week period, you will learn how to effectively make the case for economic freedom, how the left operates and how to effectively message and tell your story in your community.  A full list of the courses and the dates that they will take place can be found here:

If you are interested in attending this certification program, please RSVP at the above link.

Questions? Call Candace Carroll at (404) 360-1671.


Since we meet at The House of Lu 3 nights a month for our Task Forces, we want to show our appreciation for their hospitality by asking you to LIKE their Facebook page

Tuesday April 18 – US Congressional District 6 and GA Senate District 32 Special Elections

Tuesday May 16 – GA Senate District 32 Runoff (if necessary)

Tuesday June 20 – US Congressional District 6 Runoff (if necessary)

  • Georgia Tea Party Inc. does not endorse or oppose candidates or parties. Individual volunteers are free to do so.  Public officials are not invited to speak at Thursday Volunteer Meetings. They are welcome to attend as citizens. Public officials and candidates are invited to speak at Monday Task Force Meetings. Task Force Meetings are designed to be a two-way dialogue with public officials and candidates, carried out in a civil and professional manner. At any Georgia Tea Party Inc. event, we always treat our guests with courtesy and respect.