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Hillsdale Imprimis   The 2016 Election and the Demise of Journalistic Standards               

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)   Congress needs to act to rein in Judiciary

Insider Advantage 3 GA US House members co-sponsor “English as Official Language” bill

Washington Times  Study: 5.7 million noncitizens may have cast illegal votes

Dr. Melvyn Fein (MDJ, 6/19/17)  Drug Addiction: The Canary in the Mine

Cal Thomas.     Saudi Arabia’s Duplicity

Alexander Solzhenitsyn at Harvard 39 years later  A Prophet Without Honor

Tax Foundation Facts & Figures 2017 – How does your State compare?

Veronique de Rugy   The Right Way to Boost Infrastructure Spending

Georgia Public Policy  Work requirements drop thousands in Georgia from food stamps

They’re Spying on Everyone – Tenth Amendment Center.  Americans are the most spied-upon people in world history and the president himself has been a victim.

Teresa Mull: Will Public Schools Survive if Blaine Amendments Don’t? Blaine amendments, borne out of 19th-century anti-Catholic bigotry, have been the constant bane of the modern education-choice movement.

An Arab Muslim’s Prediction About the Fall of Western Civilization – His warning 600 years ago- Timothy Furnish, Front Page Magazine
Six Ways Harvard’s Joyce Chaplin Is Wrong About the Creation of the U.S. – The Weekly Standard by Jay Cost –  An attempt to link the Treaty of Paris and the Paris Accord goes awry
Trump Advances the U.S. Economy by Canceling Paris Climate Agreement -By James H. Rust

Disproving the Lone Wolf TheoryConservative Review

The Supreme Court’s Gerrymandered Ruling – US Patriot Post

Dr. Melvyn Fein – MDJ ArticleIdeology versus principles

Accuracy in Media – Dismantling the Marxist Madrassas

Imprimis – The Lefts War On Free Speech (Powerful article by Kimberly Strassel)

“The War on Poverty Revisited” Dr. Melvyn Fein, MDJ, 5/8/2017

US Rep Ken Buck (R-CO)  Corruption in Washington is worse than you think

Trump wants Senate to get rid of 60-vote cloture.

“Reform the Tax Code Now” (an insightful article by renowned Columnist Cal Thomas)

An article from 2013 that is VERY relevant today!  Who gains from the Destabilization of Syria?

John Rabe: The Battle for the Supreme Court

ACLJ: Shibboleth: Why Extreme Vetting and In-Region Safe Zones Can be the Christian Response to Refugees

Roger Hines article, 3/12/17 Marietta Daily Journal: A few questions about the… State of American Culture

Hillsdale College Imprimis: “How Intelligence Works (When It Does)”


Dr Melvyn Fein article in the 3/6/17 Marietta Daily Journal – Who are the real Nazis?    

Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy in Media    Media Collusion with the Espionage Establishment


Which Georgia Legislators and Committees received money from Gambling Companies to push the Casino bill?

 US Rep. Tom McClintock How and Why the Senate Must Reform the Filibuster

Pat Buchanan, Marietta Daily Journal  Trump must break judicial power

Dr. Timothy Furnish  An Islamic Historian’s Response to Donald Trump’s Immigration Ban

AJC interview with Board Member Ronny West on his support for Donald Trump (1/15/2017)

Newt Gingrich article Trumpism Explained


PolicyEd video – 2 minute explanation of  Socialism’s Empty Promises

Steven Crowder  video for Prager U (4m25secs)  Democratic Socialism is Still Socialism

Hillsdale College Imprimis  A More American Conservatism (includes Education Reform)

Letter to Editor Marietta Daily Journal by Roger Hines 1/1/17  Religious Freedom – Round 2 

National Review  A How-to Guide for Rolling Back Obama’s Regulatory State

Hillsdale Imprimis Oct. 2016 Who We Are As a People – The Syrian Refugee Question

Another egregious Religious Liberty violation in Georgia, this is another reason why we need a Religious Freedom bill. Read about the case of Dr. Eric Walsh. Why was he fired from his position at Georgia’s Department of Public Health? Because of the contents of his sermons as a lay pastor!  He sued the State of Georgia for being fired for his religious beliefs.

First Liberty is defending his rights   National Review article   “Citizen Impact” update on case

If you feel that Dr. Walsh’s Freedom of Religion rights have been violated, please contact Governor Deal’s office at 404-656-1776 or Online contact form Also contact new Attorney General Chris Carr’s office at  (404-656-3300) or email (This email should still work until the email address for Chris Carr is set up and properly working. He started as AG today Nov. 1).

Tell the Governor and AG that you are outraged at the Religious Discrimination perpetrated on Dr. Eric Walsh, and that they should settle the case, apologize to him, and offer him his job back. (Please be passionate, yet polite).

Check out a hard-hitting but spot-on article about Governor Deal abandoning Constitutional rights and principles for the god of money. This article by Jane Robbins references the corporate extortion of North Carolina and its principled and fearless Governor McCrory, over the safety and security of girls in bathrooms, locker rooms, etc.   Gov. Deal abandons NC governor (and principle)

Obama’s Recovery in just 9 Charts   Eye-opening charts (from the Federal Reserve Bank in St.Louis)

Dr. Melvyn Fein has compiled a blog of all his 300-plus columns published in the Marietta Daily Journal and the Cherokee Tribune. To re-read his excellent commentaries Dr. Fein’s Blog

J. D. Van Brink book review   The Art of the Deal by Donald J. Trump

U of Chicago anthology of the thinking of the Founding era that led to our Constitution (great source material)  The Founders’ Constitution

NumbersUSA   5 Great Immigration Solutions

National Review  The Left and Discriminating Tolerance

Lawrence W. Reed (FEE)  Was Jesus a Socialist?

Lawrence W. Reed (FEE)  Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy

Benita Dodd (GPPF) Guide to Issues offers Georgia Legislative Solutions

Americans For Prosperity article on AFP activist and Georgia Tea Party Board member Bob Harris (Way to go Bob!) One Man Paying it Forward for Freedom

Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma AG  The Next Supreme Court Justice (from Imprimis)

Jane Robbins, Seven Deadly Progressive Education Myths

Jane Robbins, Why did these 12 States Betray their own Sovereignty?

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Freedom and Obligation

State Rep Ed Setzler, “Americans would be stunned if they truly understood how narrow the concentration of political power is in America…” Lifting the Fog

Ron Sifen, MDJ 7/7/16 A Closer Look at controversial Cobb Parking Ordinances

GA Rep. Jason Spencer, Will Georgia Open Pandora’s Box with “Private Option” Medicaid Expansion?

James L. Buckley, Restore Federalism: Eliminate Federal Grants to the States

Matt Nese, How Donor Disclosure Laws Threaten Free Speech

Andrew C. McCarthy, “For nearly 25 years, we’ve been clinging to the fiction that groups such as ISIS are anti-Islamic.” Read more at: Mass Shooting in Florida: Anti-Gay Violence Rooted in Muslim Law

Heather MacDonald, “The need is urgent, therefore, to examine the Black Lives Matter movement’s central thesis—that police pose the greatest threat to young black men. I propose two counter hypotheses…” The Danger of the “Black Lives Matter” Movement

Andrew C. McCarthy, Islam – Facts or Dreams?

Karl Zinsmeister, Charitable Giving and the Fabric of America

US Senator David Perdue (R-GA)    Why Washington’s Political Class is Losing Control

US Senator David Perdue (R-GA)    Four Words Rarely Heard in Washington

Fred Barnes, Executive Editor of The Weekly Standard   The Colorado Model: Democrat Plan to turn Red States Blue   (2008 article, but still relevant)

Article 1 Project (A1P) by House Freedom Caucus        Article 1 Project

GOP, Obama SCOTUS fight reveals one important thing      Michael Farris on Convention of States

Scalia reveals his true opinion of Convention of States   Justice Scalia on Convention of States

Why was the Electoral College created?                             Why Electoral College?

American People should get to decide Justice Scalia’s replacement    Jay Sekulow on Historical Precedent                                                                       

The Simple Tax

What Ever Happened to the Tea Party?                                                           (also distinguishes between conservatism and populism)

Ending the Stealth Filibuster by Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ)                     

Reviving a Constitutional Congress

Property Rights and Religious Liberty

Foreign Policy and the Constitution                                               (by US Senator Tom Cotton R-AR)


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